A;F;G;L Show 2019

University of Greenwich
Exhibition // Identity // Editorial

Graduate Show presenting works from Architecture, Film, Graphic Design, Animation and Landscape Architecture.

Location: 11 Stockwell Street

The Identity //

Recently at the University of Greenwich, Architecture and Design joined up to became ‘The School of Design’. A;F;G;L Show 2019 was a merged discipline graduation show and the identity created was a combination of aesthetics from all involved courses.

The Space //

Visual elements from the identity are used as a method of wayfinding throughout the exhibition.

Promotion //

Advertised through a set of printed posters also carried throughout social media.

Printed Materials //

Each course had their own catalogue presenting each student’s work. The catalogue followed a style that was favoured by both architectural and graphic design aesthetics and focused strongly on layering, depth and discovery within the cover design.

The Exhibition // 

A selection of photos taken during the opening night.
© Luca Portic

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