Broken Recycling 

Activism // Identity

As a society of consumers, rubbish surrounds us, both physically and metaphorically. There are 100’s of variations of the Mobious Loop creating a confusion amoungst consumers. Recyclate isn’t been disposed of correctly and only 9% of produced plastic is recycled.

The system is broken.

The Mark //

A mark for change - Communicating the broken system by simply breaking the loop with a downward facing arrow. The downward arrow is also able to be used as an directional asset.

Activations //

As designers we often find ourselves designing ‘rubbish’.
Brands are the parents of this ‘rubbish’.
Consumers are the guardians of this ‘rubbish’.
Recycling is an infastructure to dispose of ‘rubbish’.

So who is to blame for failed waste management, and whos legacy is then tarnished? Everyone is to blame, and everyone should use their voice.

These activations represent multiple locations where the logo could be seen housed, from brands to consumers taking an active approach for positive change.

Future Thinking // 
The system may be broken, but what is broken can always be fixed...more to come.

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