Ciroc Midnight

Ciroc Vodka
Packaging // Visualisation // 3D

Bottle design for Ciroc Midnight, a (W.I.P) conceptual premium blueberry infused vodka.

The Bottle //

The bottle is coated in a satin pearlescent-like finish. By day it is satin black with a tint of blue, by night the black is lost in the darkness leaving only the tempting blue reflections assisted by bar/club lighting.

Blueberries, more often than not are seen with a powdery coating. They are not the most pleasing to look at, but can definitely pack a punch. The Midnight bottle carries the exciting and hidden flavour notes of the blueberry and celebrates them using an eyecatching and energetic bottle design.

Dead by Midnight //

This premium drink combines a smooth quailty with refined flavour to satisfy all. Quality of drink is as important as quality of life...and life should be enjoyed. Each day should be lived as if you will be dead by midnight, so enjoy it with Ciroc.

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