Designing Rubbish 

Design Activism

A Final Major Project from The University of Greenwich studying visually exploring our impact as designers and consumers. Concluding with the legacy we are leaving behind for future generations.

The Insight //

What does it mean to see The Mobius Loop pressed into our earth?

As designers we are constantly making, often without thinking about where what we create will end up, whether it is a logo for a brand, a piece of packaging, or something on a much larger scale such as an experiential space.

Post design, the legacy we leave behind is left within the hands of consumers, an unfortunatly untrusted mass.

So with this in mind, how can we change the way we design before release to improve the climate for future generations?

The Fossils //

These crafted fossils present findings of a future generation from moments of our time, from the packaging of the dinner you ate last night, to the tin can you swore you recycled.

These recyclables and the brands they belong to were crafted by designers, but are they the best you can do? Are they even doing their job? With only 9% of plastics produced being successfuly recycled it is hard to not be sceptical about such systems.

The Exhibition //

The future exhibition collects a few of the found fossils in a space where future generations would experience our remenants. The design of the space allows the audience to experience the objects in a state of deep reflection. Technology such as projection is used throughout to create less waste and decrease impact on the environment.

Interactive Screen // 
The screen within the exhibition would be interactive, displaying a breakdown of the found fossils and allowing the user to navigate a 3d render of each fossil. 

The Dossier // 
A completed dossier presenting key milestones in the development and completion of this project.

To view the 100+ page dossier please request a copy via email:

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