Ferrero Massa’Bielle

Branding // Product Design //
Packaging // Advertising

A conceptual Ferrero Rocher chocolate and hazelnut creme liqueur.

(A group based task that I project managed/Art Directed)

Render by Kemal R

The Story //

Ferrero often finds its inspiration from natural forms and religion. With a new direction for Ferrero Rocher it only made sense to go back to the Rochers inspiration; The Grotte de Massabielle.

The Logo //

The logo is a lock up combining the new product name and the parent brand. Using a script typeface juxtaposed against the rigid Ferrero brand mark to represent the new direction Ferrero is taking into the liqueur market.

Logo by Hasan Z.D

Drink Photography //

Ferrero Massabielle is a smooth and creamy blend of chocolate and hazelnut. A liqueur formed from the loved and trusted flavour of Ferrero. 

(Self Shot Photoshoot)

Prototype - 3D Printing //

3D Render //

Infographics //
Infographics in the same visual language as Ferrero Massa’Bielle that represent each team members participation, quality of work etc. 

Team Members: Raif, K // Zaki, K // Baxter, S // Bui, L // Herrera Giraldo, N

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