Occupational Neurodiversity

ISTD ‘Lost’ Brief 2019
Typography // Social Change // Experimental

Few see the potential of neurodiversity within the workplace due to attention being focused too much on challenges often associated with neurodivergence, rather than the strengths.

The purpose of each visual is to challenge people’s perceptions and lost understanding of the capabilities of the dyslexic mind.

Posters //

Each poster is a visual representation of an individual’s neurodivergent mind.  Using each person’s visual and structural preferences the pieces contain messages and quotes that aim to help let others gain a further understanding into neurodivergence and celebrate the positives.

Process // 
Each piece originated from this ‘brain’ structure. This ensured that they all represented the brain, whilst having obvious differences after the individual elements were applied.

Catalogue // 

The catalogue is a visual aid for people walking around the exhibition space, allowing the viewer to read the story behind each piece.

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