Set In Stone

31st October 2019
If a piece of rubbish is rolling past in the wind, or sitting on the floor next to a bin do you pick it up? Most people wouldn’t.

Set In Stone was an exploration of solidifying rubbish / disguarded recyclables and compostables as a method of grabbing attention of passers by on streets.  

Disclaimer: I did not replace any street slabs with this work or physically concrete rubbish to the be honest I didn’t fancy the fine or time in jail!

Materials: Concrete // Plastic
Process: Concrete Casting

Concreted Compostable
The compostable coffee cup became of significant interest to me after discovering that the majority of commercial compostable materials can only be composted in industrial composting facilities. I decided to solidify it in concrete as a way of visualising its permenance.

Concreted Recyclate

As a second experiment, I explored solidifying broken down recyclable materials - upon discovering that only 9% of plastic produced is recycled.

Concrete Crisps

Furthering on creation of the initail piece, I explored an alternate way of solidifying rubbish - in this case it was a non recyclable crisp packet.

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